Battery Boosters give you the power to get the job done
The Heavy 12/24 Volt Battery Booster is great for truckers and construction companies
The Heavy Duty 12/24 Volt Battery Booster delivers the power you need


of wheeled jump starting units that are specifically designed for the over-the-road Industry. The heavy Truck unit will spin the starter in the coldest of temperatures, delivering the instant RAW POWER necessary to start Semi Trucks, Construction Equipment, or any large Diesel Engine. The Big Boy 12/24 unit comes with two batteries to jump start vehicles in 12 volt or 24 volt mode by just swapping a plug.
Our Heavy Duty 12/24 Battery Booster units have the following features:

Space-Maximizing Design
Heavy Duty 10 Amp Charger
With Automatic Shut Off
Heavy Duty 800 Amp Clamps
Extra Heavy Duty Long 1/0 Welding Clamps
Indicator Gauge Display
Cold Cranking Amps 12 Volt Mode 1400
Cold Cranking Amps 24 Volt Mode 800
Wheel Around Units

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